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by Christine Figueroa 


I can see the edges of my soul

And the oh so many tolls

That have traipsed around in there

Looking for the passionate air

That keeps the heart in motion

These are the depths of my ocean

That filter through the many waves

To fill the cravings of my wondrous days

And although the world cuts it pieces

I still own the multifaceted creases

Along with the scars that are leftover

So, my soul is held madly together

As I stand here before you today

Pieced together in my own ways

I have a lot to tell you

And one poem just won’t do

But for now, here is a summary

Of my soul edges and the gummary

That holds me all as one

Pieced magically as my sum

Brinking on the edges of each breath

There is some wild love to be left

Despite all the trials and tears

That have shadowed days and years

Real soul filled love still brims along my eyes

That reflect my soul’s enchanted guise

And does not let the edges become boundaries

For -what life may truly, wildly hold for me

So, I stand here before you to say

There’s always another way

To piece your soul like I have

One piece of each path

That touches shores along the heart

No matter what may tear you apart

For edges really aren’t the end of it

It’s the depths that really make you fit

Into whom you are within

While you sit on your soul’s brim

Staring into the waves of your soul

Recounting all the treacherous tolls

Just remember there’s greater things to come

For you, like I, are more than just the sum

Of your soul edges, creases and broken scars

There’s definitely more love to come by far.

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